Raiffeisen Bank

Developing a sleek design for ATM interfaces.

The challenge

We’re delighted to present the new ATM interface for Russia’s and Europe’s banking giant – Raiffeisen Bank. We completely transformed screen designs and changed fonts. The updated design is already in many ATMs in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and other large cities in Russia.

The project

Raiffeisen Bank is one of the biggest banks in Europe and Russia. In collaboration with Raiffeisen, we developed a slick new design for ATM screens. Each operation has a distinctive color, and the enhanced text is much more clear. Color coding streamlines ATM operations.

Icon set


ATM screens

Today, Raiffeisen Bank enjoys one of the most appealing and intuitive ATM interfaces.


The ATM’s core functions are accompanied by engaging animated illustrations.


Large, clear fonts enable quick and easy reading of the ATM display.


Inaccurate ATM actions instantly materialize helpful hints.

UX Design

Engineered without superfluous functional elements, the intuitive screens save you time and effort.
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