Detailed cryptocurrency
market analysis

The challenge

When creating a strategy for investment products, what matters most is the essence and main message. That will become the foundation for all visual images, and it is so, so vital to get it right. DataLight is a crypto-asset data analysis platform aimed at professional investors. This tool is meant to optimize and automate investing strategies. Our task was to develop the brand identities and guidelines, and make the website design.

Finding solutions
that make sense

Finding solutions
that make sense

Our team was tasked with finding an elegant and sensible solution for the brand visual. We drew inspiration from the data that flows through DataLight. The platform collects tons of data about cryptographic projects, processes it, and presents it to users in an accessible format. In our pursuit of a concept, we settled on simple geometrical shapes with waves of light that represent data flow.

The logotype’s base
colors were the go-to point
for visualizing the graphics