Sales tool
for increasing

The challenge

The task seemed quite trivial – the customer's site had become outdated, so the agency's main mission was to redesign it. But, not just a redesign was needed here, but a complete rebranding, a new corporate identity, and a fresh look at the Potion product.

We had to analyze the old version of the site, think about the general concept of brand promotion, improve the visual component and place the right accents to keep the audience on the new site.

Product develop
and Objectives

Product Goals
and Objectives

Potion is a simple but effective sales tool for increasing conversions from cold leads and emails. Work on the rebranding and creative concept of the site has been going simultaneously. We wanted corporate identity elements to form the basis of the new site.

Potion allows you to create videos with different types of greetings, and you can highlight some of the text in the video and personalize them. Potion uses AI technology that automatically generates personalized videos for each prospect. That is, a certain “magic” symbolizes the name Potion. We developed this idea further and decided we would have a cat in a witch's hat that brews a potion.

Not just a redesign was needed here, but a complete rebranding and a new corporate identity
We got the idea of using a friendly character as a kind of Potion user who speaks to his audience
For one of the parts, we created an animation with coloured bubbles that symbolise phrases from the video

Diary Notes

Diary notes

As for the development itself, it is based on the lightweight Bona microframework. We have been using an excellent and productive solution from GreenSock as an animation platform for several years.

Responsive web

With more devices come varying screen resolutions, definitions and orientations
Fluid grid system – elements occupy the same percentage of space however large or small the screen becomes
It’s not only about adjustable screen resolutions and automatically resizable images, but rather about a whole new way of thinking about design

Site of the Day
Awwwards & FWA

from client

Kanad Bahalkar, Founder

“Cuberto was engaged in developing our website and additional marketing materials, including theming and various creative assignments. Their efforts were highly satisfactory, and we were impressed with the Cuberto team's collaborative approach. Their team were amiable and accommodating to all of our requests, and also provided invaluable creative direction to the project.”