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The challenge

This is one of the most complex websites we have ever built. The difficulty was not only in the fact that it should have become an award winning website, but also in the fact that the field of activity is very specific and difficult to present.

The client came to us with a fairly clear vision and detailed description. The problem was visualizing the idea. We had to completely rebrand the company and reach a wide audience with the new website.

Product Goals
and Objectives

Product Goals
and Objectives

Magma is a Web3 platform for all real estate stakeholders, which provides users with the ability to manage interactions between physical and digital assets through unique, and collectively generated, 3D representations of their buildings.

Magma uses blockchain technology to record essential data, which enables transparent, traceable, and immutable streams of information to be readily accessible to its users. Magma smart contracts are built with this blockchain data to expedite tasks like requests for proposals, lease agreements, and services arrangements.

The logo only needed a little tweaking, but a tonne of marketing material was done besides that
We made a 3D model of a well-known building and prepared several external and internal renders

Real estate and the Web3 Revolution

technology stack

Magma project is based on our regular technology stack, which we use for all of our projects. It includes our internal Bona framework, the GSAP library for animations, ScrollTrigger for the creation of scroll-based animations, and the SmoothScroll library.

Responsive web

Despite the 3d objects being quite complex, we managed to keep all the animations for mobile resolution without losing any performance
As part of the work on the site, we created a large set of unique 3D illustrations in the same style
When creating scenes with the assembly of a building and its flyby, we used the technique we have already tested - import models, cameras and object movements in GLB/GLTF format from a project created in Blender app
We often add lottie animations for illustrations to bring them to life and this project is no exception

CMS Wordpress
and control panel

CMS Wordpress does not affect the operation of the site in any way and we use this framework for the convenience of customers
For content editing and blog management, we have integrated CMS Wordpress with additional settings

Site of the Day
Awwwards & FWA

from client

Emre Palandöken, Product owner

“Thanks to the Cuberto team for their professionalism and collaboration. We contacted cuberto for a website creation and we are pleased of the work that has been done. strongly recommended!”