3D Animation in After Effects & Cinema 4D

When we talk about how users interact with products, what we mean is functionality and convenience. One way or another, a user’s first impression is visual. The “wrapping” takes centre stage, especially when we’re designing interfaces for luxury lovers. We can stress that UI is nothing without UX, but without the right packaging, your interface is going to lose profit. We know this stuff by heart, so we don’t distinguish between UX and UI. They’re both essential. As an example, let’s unpack a design concept where an intuitive interface complements the sort of gorgeous design that users expect from the luxe segment.

Our master class will present several screens of the promo-app, where you’ll see high-end cars with a one-click rental option. It’s a genuine spectacle, just like you’re at a concept car show. It’s an excellent concept, which, by the way, isn’t applicable to just this automobile case. For example, you can make a 3D product preview for online shopping, which really makes the selection process much easier on users. They can examine products from all sides and angles. Today’s technology can bring this experience to life with ease.

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