Design Course

Liquid Animation in After Effects

We're fans of one-handed interfaces: when an app is designed to be used with just one hand. You'll probably agree that it's usually inconvenient to use bigger devices with one hand. As an example, we'll tell you about an awesome new concept for an email reader designed in line with our principles. In this master class we'll demonstrate the entire process of creating such a sample interface and, most important of all, we'll show you how to make a compelling animation in After Effects.

In our field, the most important thing is the pursuit of excellence. That's why every designer has to improve to create products which are totally original and reflect the latest trends. A designer who works with the same product for many years tends to get into a rut and it's hard for that designer to compete on the international market, developing products for varying audiences. That's why Cuberto has an expert team of experimental designers which keeps us ahead of the curve with the most innovative solutions.


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