How To Make Epic Website // Frontend development

In this design course we’ll unpack how we built our award-winning site for a manufacturer of galvanized steel pipes. Their production sits on 5000 square meters and has some of the most contemporary equipment around for making all kinds of fencing. We’ll show you the main development stages and discuss a few nuances that probably don’t even occur to someone who’s just pumping out UI concepts one after the other.

We’ve previously offered up advice on how to distinguish a noob designer from a good designer. The ability to make a website responsive is a dead giveaway. It’s a big mistake to rely in this matter on the customer’s comments and approval for the resolution design. First of all, you should check for yourself and see your own design working across various devices. Check the size of headings and texts, and indents between blocks. Select the proper format for photo and video content and simplify the structure for complex sections without losing data. And just generally make sure you’re on top of all the small stuff. An inexperienced designer makes an adaptation without checking anything and often overlooks important details, like when a long headline doesn’t fit on a mobile screen.

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