Liquid navigation in After Effects

Today we’re going to talk about an intriguing case that’s all about posting on social media. The interaction is what’s key here, since the user flow involves taking specific actions with one hand. We’ll demonstrate the entire process of developing an interface like that, and best of all, we’ll show you how to make an engaging animation in After Effects.

Never, ever sell an animation without a completed design. For most clients, it goes without saying that animations are included in all UX/UI projects. To manage expectations, it’s critical to discuss deliverables during the pre-sale stage. Our studio always offers animations as an extra service based on the finished design. With a UI map on hand, we explain exactly which application cases need to be animated and offer quotes. By the way, design onboarding is also best sold separately. Onboarding, along with design and animation, can often take 3-4 weeks.

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