A new way
to think about

The challenge

Wickret offers contemporary solutions for user interaction with mobile banking. Managing money becomes fun and totally stress free. Our job was to research the big players in the field and come up with our own innovative ideas aimed at attracting an audience and internal gamification.

We refreshed the current logotype’s form and color
Our team dreamed up a new corporate identity and updated the bank card design

Site design reflects the
product’s philosophy

Site design reflects
the product’s philosophy

We 100% met our goal and Wickret’s site reflects a product that includes gamification, uniqueness, and visual satisfaction during interaction.

The content is presented in short blocks, which enhances reception

New era in
mobile banking

Site of the Day
Awwwards & CSSDA

Awards? What awards?

On Wickret, you won’t find that mind-numbing corporate aesthetic that characterizes so many similar sites. Wickret is aimed toward the future and received high marks in the global arena for its imaginative approach and the way it showcases information, attracting and delighting users.