We made UX/UI design a social network for traders.

The challenge

We’ve been collaborating with TradingView for 5 years and have developed multiple website versions. Since we keep up with the latest trends, we’re always updating the current site. TradingView is attracting serious attention from traders and investors, and as its popularity soars, it becomes essential to include additional functions.

The project

TradingView is the most active social networking site for traders and investors, where they can exchange experiences and trading ideas, generating traffic of more than 200,000 users a day. Hands - down, it has the best online graphics, and their interface is a breath of fresh air for the delighted traders who had less-than-awesome experiences with other platforms.



Main page

The main page displays quotes, graphics, and expert opinions.

Online graphics

More than 10 different types of graphics, beginning with an elementary line graphic.


The system allows for multiple profiles, from newbies to experts.


More than 50 graphic tools for trend analysis.

Multi - tasking

Follow multiple graphics simultaneously.


At the outset of our collaboration with TradingView, we undertook a rebranding project and generated a memorable corporate identity.

Stanislav BokovCo-founder
Cuberto didn't ask stupid questions, they didn't have trouble in accepting our feedback and coming up with creative ideas, and they are proactive in suggesting useful approaches.

TradingView is the most active social networking site

for traders and investors.

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