Total branding overhaul for a goods distribution app.

The challenge

This fast-growing startup came to us from Dubai for a full redesign and rebranding of Tawseel, a mobile app for goods delivery. After nailing the MVP, the next step was increasing brand awareness and engagement. This is the best approach since the purpose of an MVP is to test out an idea, not the design.

The project

Tawseel is a new business that ensures delivery of anything and everything with real-time shipment tracking. First and foremost, Tawseel is for students and other super-busy folks who lack reliable transportation and need pharmacological products, groceries, merchandise from online stores, and lots of other stuff.




We began with the regeneration of a corporate identity and creation of a catchy new logotype.

Main Functionality

The mobile app consists of the client side and courier interface. One of the key features is tracking the shipment in real time.

The app also offers a fully functional ordering process, including easy payment with various wallets and credit cards.


Order description

Includes a simplified order form, driver selection, route indicator, maps, and other helpful details.

Pickup now, or scheduled pickups

If you’ve filled out a delivery form, the map screen shows your last order and its status.

Driver app

The functionality for couriers involves linking to navigation via Google maps, status updates, and a personal profile.

Availability status

Depending on their availability, drivers can set their status to accept new orders in real time.

Tawseel saves you time and money by delivering anything anywhere,

and sets your mind at ease with its reassuring tracking feature.

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