Brainstorming and mobile interface design for High-Speed Rail project.

The challenge

An idea emerged back in the 20th century about a brand new mode of transport involving a magnetic pad to reduce friction. Innovations encourage us to think up creative solutions and our company has a lab for generating experimental interfaces where we’re always asking what kinds of challenges we’ll get to see in a year or two.

The project

Cutting-edge technology expands our horizons and inspires us to think about how we’ll benefit from it throughout the course of an ordinary day. We want to talk about creating an app for Speedloop. These intriguing concepts have been developed by our company and we totally get that sooner or later, all of this will become reality.


Route Selection

Obviously, what interests us most is which cities are included in Speedloop’s network, and how long travel will take.

The interface shows which segments make up the route and calculates general travel time (taking into account stops along the way).

Useful information

During the trip you can check out a map with your designated route and trip trajectory.

Let your hobbies

Sync up your Facebook account and the app filters available seats next to people who share your interests.

Information along the trip

Here you see all the information relevant to you:
speed, time en route, expected stops, and even points.

Selecting the class of service

Here you can see the seat cost and the number of pre-selected seats.

Lightning speed delivery

Every station has a special carriage with compartments. Put together all your shipment info in your app.

Speedloop just disclosed their own vision of the passenger app interface

and we imagined to be the perfect this app.

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