Sleep app that
helps millions fall asleep every night

The challenge

Redesigning a mobile app with a multi-million user base is always a big responsibility. Users sometimes react negatively to changes in interactions that have become familiar, which can bring down ratings. Our team worked with Sleepiest to audition dozens of design concepts until we found the perfect solution for improving the design while keeping users comfortable with familiar interactions.


Our first task was to give a makeover to Sleepiest’s logotype and corporate identity
The illustration style went through several phases and multiple iterations
We spruced up and cleaned up the lettering

The design will not
leave you cold

The design will not
leave you cold

Plenty of illustrations and icons, bright hues, and micro animated functional elements all come together to really set a creative mood and submerge the user in the app’s special atmosphere.

Extra attention
to detail development

Extra attention
to detail development

Our team really got into the application’s mood. We were motivated to focus on every little detail including icon animation, to really enhance the user interaction.

Every element
made with love

The app lets you make your own sounds
Gorgeous and effortless sleep tracker stands out from the usual boring graphics
Sleeping well has never been more fun when you can earn points and get rewards
From colors to tone styles to background effects, everything is meticulously thought out