Website design and development for Saudi Arabia’s capital city.

The challenge

Thanks to our experience and expertise, we were entrusted with the development of a new website for Saudi Arabia’s capital city, Riyadh, in collaboration with a well-recognized local agency, AXIS. Very few companies in the world have ventured on a project of such tremendous scope and complexity, and Cuberto is one of them.

The project

Riyadh is a contemporary, fast-growing metropolis boasting a population of 6.5 million. Site development for such a thriving city presupposes very high traffic loads. Our team used only the hottest, most current technologies for server-side development. Riyadh’s slick new website puts its citizens front and center in highly interactive, addictive, and easily accessible formats.

Icon Set



The design development took into account supporting an Arabic and English version of the site.

About Riyadh

The previous design for the About Riyadh section.


Article page design with different functionality.

The moment

One of the site’s key perks, spotlighting city projects and services.


Interactive city map featuring historical events from different time periods.

Mobile Apps

Yep, we also made a mobile app for iOS and Android with slightly more limited functionality than the web version.

The moment area

The moment section is a top priority.


The app serves as a helpful city guide with the essential list of functions.

Art gallery

This section showcases user content for galleries, comments, and critical reviews.

Business in Riyadh

This section presents Riyadh’s business strength and opportunities.

Tourism moment

Shows current events and news relevant to tourists.


It’s displays a set of projects filtered as per the category.


Displays data on population growth, cost of living, safety, and future city development forecasts.

A citizen-focused platform of general information about

Riyadh’s developments.

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