Created hotel services app interface for luxury travelers.

The challenge

We’ve entered a new era of luxury travel. Nowadays, everyone decides for themselves what luxury means and how much it’s worth. During the stay in hotels, patrons rely more and more on their smartphones for information and entertainment. We wanted to explore the more frequent of low-touch case studies, and check out innovative tourist business trends in the mobile industry and how they influence certain groups of people.

The project

When it comes to luxury travel, like in other industries, the anticipation of guest needs and preferences is paramount. To that end, we can either harangue the guest with the same questions over and over, or we can guide the guest unobtrusively, presenting all the hotel’s options via an application. There’s been plenty of research on this subject, and the number of guests expecting low-touch luxury is growing every year.



We specified a list of carriers and prepared materials for print.

Hotel Reservation

Direct hotel selection and reservation without the hassle of middlemen. Via the application, guests select their room and reserve it.

Hotels with complex infrastructure display an interactive map in the application of the nearby terrain.

Room entrance

Once at the hotel, you can go straight to your room and opening the door with a mobile key.

Personal Driver

Upon arrival, the guest can launch the app at the airport to be updated on the waiting car.

Room services

More and more hotels feature deeply integrated information technology for an effortless stay.

Car rental

We can rent a car for ourselves or with a driver, indicating the date of the car’s arrival at the hotel.

Upcoming events

The screen displays images of the upcoming events. Tap the event to get more details.

Loyalty program

The app calculates bonuses in the loyalty program, and wishes you happy holidays.

Support chat

The app streamlines interaction with hotel staff and administration. It helps resolve tough issues.
Samantha NollBusiness Development Manager at Novility
There is great potential to further look into the benefits of hotel mobile apps Depending on the type of hotel guests they cater to, why not? The above segments outlined in this case provide good food for thought.

It’s not an overstatement that applications are the best platform

for interaction with guests in premium hotels.

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