Wine marketplace
with interactive

The challenge

We were tasked to create a global digital platform Qvino that would aggregate thousands of winemakers for direct sales and promotion to the final consumers.

Several factors prompted the creation of this product:

  • The digital gap in the wine industry;
  • Lack of digital solutions on the market;
  • Difficulties in the daily selection of wines;
  • Underdeveloped wine culture;
  • Limited range of wines in offline;
  • No place where wine professionals can come together.

Product Overview

Product overview

Qvino is not only a marketplace but a digital platform with 4 levels of mastery in the learning program. In a nutshell, the product is focused on recommending the most relevant wine, delivery options and educating on the wine culture when desired.

In addition to the basic functionality like smart wine selections and wine marketplace there is an in-built neutral network that recognises wine labels from photos and provides exhaustive info about each one. Moreover users can add each wine to a comparison to make a final choice.

Creating a brand from scratch based on strategies, target audience and the wine community
Establishing a new brand style that would become a basis for the main product design

Opportunity for wineries
and consumers

Opportunity for
wineries and consumers

The main audience are wine lovers desirous to learn more about wine, and to understand, learn and try something new, through Qvino targeted tips to choose the "right wine."

Development app
for iOS and Android

User can buy any wine for sale in the app and all wines from the cart will be split into separate orders
Wine catalog with easy-to-use filter and critics’ ratings
Qvino neural network recognizes wine labels from photos and provides exhaustive info about each one
Qvino provides an opportunity to create limited NFT collections tokens for your wines, creating additional demand among winelovers and collectors
Each wine can be affixed with a unique QR code protecting it from counterfeiting

Audience need

Audience need

“I’m keen on knowing about wine culture. I would like to have a better understanding of wines in order to find what I really like.”