Building a business analytics web platform based on OLAP-server.

The challenge

In 2016, we completely rebuilt Polymatica’s interface to help it compete successfully with IT juggernauts like Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP. Besides facelifting their entire system, we assisted them in the design and development of a brand new website – Polymatica.com – to grow their sales and recognition.

The project

Polymatica is built on n-tier architecture, and the platform’s key technology is an OLAP server. This system can analyze enormous amounts of data in just seconds. For this project, Polymatica needed to accommodate classified government services and departments capable of using BIG data the same way any large-scale enterprise company would.




Polymatica has its own style syntax and brand philosophy. Our job was to express its distinctive vernacular.


During design development, we paid special attention to trends and the particulars of CMS, which power the site.


The home page shows the platform’s dominant features with images.


The site certainly doesn’t lack visual effects and interactivity.


Forward-thinking business analytics for every company.

OLAP server

Polymatica is built on multi-tier architecture.

Polymatica’s System

The platform’s newest version includes an intuitive user interface for analytical solutions.

Facts about Polymatica

The speed and quality of analytical processing is a determining factor of success.

Information processing

In seconds, Polymatica processes OLAP cubes consisting of billions of records.

Interactive graphics

The creation of a single situational panel throughout the entire organization.

Multidimensional analysis

Thorough data analysis, utilizing progressive Data Mining algorithms.
Roman RaevskyCEO
Our project took around 6 months to complete. I asked Cuberto's team to rush the work, completing one month early, in June 2016. Cuberto managed to complete a limited version of our site in time. We continue to work with Cuberto on other tasks.

Polymatica is uniquely positioned to perform instant Big Data

processing for next generation clients.

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