Kelvin Zero

A digital product
for passwordless authentication

The challenge

Kelvin Zero was another challenge for our team. Undoubtedly, this project deserves a place among our most significant accomplishments.

The task was to completely rethink how product information is presented in the security domain, specifically in managing employee access within the financial sector and government institutions.

We created a storytelling website that literally immerses users in the depth of the flagship product, Multi-Pass Pro, and showcases all its benefits.

Old site

Product Overview

Product overview

Passwords come with inherent vulnerabilities due to the prevalence of weak passwords, password reuse, and social engineering attacks. Kelvin Zero incorporates advanced features like biometric sign-in and passwordless authentication, providing a more secure and convenient way for users to verify their identity. This method eliminates the need for passwords and the associated risks, making it a popular choice for organizations looking to improve security, productivity, and user experience for their consumers and workforce.

The logo only needed a little tweaking, but a tonne of marketing material was done besides that
The main concept of the website is storytelling about the product, where initially the user sees only the tip of the iceberg

Ensuring trust in the digital world

Ensuring trust in the
digital world

Kelvin Zero is a technology leader revolutionizing digital security with next-gen passwordless solutions built for critical organizations. With, Multi-Pass Pro, they are helping organizations eliminate passwords and enable secure access with phishing resistant MFA.

Responsive web

Despite the 3d objects being quite complex, we managed to keep all the animations for mobile resolution without losing any performance
The website was tested across all resolutions and key browsers
Сomplex 3D scenes were individually crafted for desktop and mobile resolutions to optimize performance

CMS Wordpress
and tech stack

CMS Wordpress does not affect the operation of the site in any way and we use this framework for the convenience of customers
For content editing and blog management, we have integrated CMS Wordpress with additional settings
For this project development we used our standard tech stack, including GSAP, ScrollTrigger and Three.js, and a new smooth scrolling library Lenis

Site of the Day
Awwwards & FWA

from client

Nicholas Tsoukas, Product owner

“Thanks to Cuberto, we now boast a compelling brand identity and a user experience that truly resonates with our audience. The project presented numerous challenges, and our specific requirements were certainly demanding. We’re genuinely impressed with the creativity and rigor Cuberto brought to the table.”