Jun 10, 2020

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In 2019, we launched our own design courses on Youtube, where we share the process of creating mobile and web interfaces. The first three courses were released as a test and we received over 600,000 views. Each course includes an overview of creating a unique interface and a demonstration of work using such software as: Figma, Sketch, After Effects, Cinema 4D, Principle. Special attention is paid to the process of creating animations in After Effects and Principle.

We did not have a dedicated team to create such content, hence the courses came out without any periodicity and we only managed to release 3 videos throughout the year due to the high load on other projects.

This year we have formed a separate team of our best specialists who will create more content for our subscribers. All the best and newest ones will now be hosted on Patreon:

- Access to the source files of thematic mobile and web interfaces, including the After Effects and Cinema 4D source files

- Design tips for designers, that cover everything you need to increase your skill and properly promote your Dribbble account to start earning.

- Access to the design courses, including screencast videos of making mobile and web interfaces with comments


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