The challenge

Partnering with a leader in mPOS services required our best services and support. During our long-term relationship with iboxPro, we have assisted with analytics, wireframing, UI design, motion design, and other necessities. As a result, the high-trending product has taken off in Asia as a pioneer in mobile payment programs. It allows you to track both cash and card transactions with superior record keeping.

The project

iboxPro is empowering business owners across the world to maintain a safe, accurate payment system. It gives sellers the ability to accept card payments through a mobile terminal connected to your smartphone—anytime and anywhere. The app provides the luxury of tracking your business’s revenue, whether you are a small business ran at home or a multifaceted network.

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iBox iPhone Render

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During all this time our team made a quite big range of the tasks. We created prototypes and design for mobile and tablet apps. Also we participated in creating landing and global websites. We were working on promo materials and other staff.

All these results made together with iBoxPro team allowed to reach new level and good position on Asia markets and also on Russian market.


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Available for iOS and Android devices.

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